Victoria Secret Credit Card Payment Methods

December 12, 2011

Victoria Secret Credit Card Payment

Having a Victoria Secret Angel credit card payment means that you can use it to buy merchandise at an VS location to buy things for yourself for all the ladies, as well as allows the guys to get brownie points with their girlfriends and wives when they use it to buy gifts. The card also comes with rewards perks which allow you to save big on your purchases, compared to shopping without the Angel Secret card. There are various payment methods that are offered for paying your Victoria Secret card payment, which will all allow you to get your payment in on time and continue enjoying the perks of shopping at Victoria Secret with your card. Below are the methods that you can use.

Victoria Secret Credit Card Payment

Victoria Secret Credit Card Payment Methods.

  • Online – You can also use their online system which will allow you to never have to send out a payment in the mail ever again. Victoria Secret credit card payments can be made online at their online payment website. These payments will register as paid if you pay before 6PM, anytime after the your VS credit card payment will register the next day. For those who already have an account, all you have to do is log in with your “credit card user id” as well as your “credit card user password”. For those who are looking to pay their Victoria Secret credit card payment online but do not have an account, you will need to create an account which can be done on the payment page where it says “Register” which it will take you to a page where you will have to fill certain information, then submit it.
  • Mail – You can send your your credit card payment to Victoria Secret in the mail, which if you use the mailing payment method, it is suggested that you send out your payment a week or more in advance, just to make sure it arrives on time.  To mail out your VS credit card payment, all you have to do is write a check for the amount you owe, as well as the current statement that your are paying. The payment address where you send out payments is:
World Financial Network National Bank
P.O. Box 659728
Columbus, OH 78265 – 9728
  • In Store – There are over 1000 different Victoria Secret stores that you can walk into on of the registered and pay your bill, either in cash or credit card.  You can also pay your Victoria Secret credit card bill in the store right when you purchase with it, which will result in excellent savings and discounts.
  • Reocurring – The possibility for setting your Victoria Secret credit card payment presents itself as well. To use this method, all you have to do is contact your bank and find out if they can put your credit card payments to Victoria Secret on a reoccuring schedule, which then it will come on on the same day each month, whichever date you decide. This may require that you create an online account with your bank. It is important to set this day at least 2 days business days before your payment is due, as it takes that long to transfer your money from your account to Victoria Secret.

For the credit card service for the Victoria Secret Angel Card, you can call: 1 – 800 – 695 – 9478.

If you happen to need to contact customer service, you can contact one of their representitives by calling their toll free number at: 1 – 800 – 695 – 1788. You can contact their customer service line anytime between the hours of 9AM to 8PM on Monday – Saturday, but cannot make your Victoria Secret credit card payment through this line.


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