SBI Credit Card Payment Methods – Make Your Payment Today!

January 21, 2012

SBI Credit Card Payment

Having an SBI credit card payment means that you are doing your banking with the biggest financial provider in all of India who employs over 220,ooo people. Having an SBI credit card comes with great benefits, which all come from making ones payment ontime so if are looking for the methods that allow you to make your SBI credit card payment each month, then you are in the only place you need to be as we have compiled a list of all the methods right below!

SBI Credit Card Payment

SBI Credit Card Payment Methods

Easy Bill Outlets – You can also pay you State Bank of India credit card payment at your local Easy Bill Outlet which all you have to do is tell the merchant what your card number and your contact number along with the amount you with to pay, which then you will receive an electronic reciept immediately after. It is advised to allow three business days to let your transaction register with SBI.

Cheque Drop – If you choose, you can pay your SBI credit card bills by dropping a check in one of the many SBI card drop boxes, which you will want to make out the amount you wish to pay as well as include your account number on the check as well .

SBI Auto Debit – SBI customers can pay their credit card payment to SBI through their auto debit system which will allow you credit card payment to be automatically deducted on the same day each month whehter your remember or not. To start utilizing this payment method, you must fill out an application which you will want to fill it out in it’s entirety and then send it in to your personal bank location along with the verification code. To fill out the application, you can click the following link, which will take you to a printable form: SBI Credit Card Payment Auto Debit .

National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) Payment – To use the NEFT SBI credit card payments method, you will want to make sure you do the following:

  1. Make a visit to your SBI banks “net banking” which then you will want to add your SBI credit card as the form of a beneficiary which will be done under a third party transfer.
  2. Next you will want to enter the code:  SBINooCARDS which is a code strictly for the purpose of your SBI credit card payment.
  3. Next pin in your SBI credit card number on the banking page where it says “Account Number”
  4. Enter in both the Bank Name which is where you will enter: SBI CREDIT CARD – NEFT and second the Bank Address where you will enter: PAYMENT SYSTEMS GROUP, STATE BANK GITC, CBD BELAPUR, NAVI MUMBAI.
  5. Use the same mode to make your SBI credit card payment after your are done with the registration process.

Over the Counter (OTC) – Did you know that there are over 10,000 different SBI branches?! Well you can walk up to the first available counter at any of these SBI branches and pay directly for FREE, which it will take about 2 days for your payment to register. To start making your SBI credit card payment this way, all you have to do is go into one of their locations and fill out what is called a “pay in” slip which and then hand it to the teller at the counter, who will then print out a reciept then you are on your way!

Online SBI – If you are sick and tired or envelopes and stamps, you can also pay your SBI bill online. To do so you must create an account which is done on the OnlineSBI credit card payment page, which you will want to search for “New User Registration” which is one your right hand side of the page. This will take you to page where you will need to download a form and send it in to the SBI bank that you do your banking services at. Once they have received the SBI credit card online payment registration form, they will then proceed to have a Branch Officer personally guide you throughout the entire registation process. Once you have created an account, you will want to go back to the OnlineSBI page once again, the same one that you downloaded your registration form from and click one of the log in options, which are Personal Banking, Corporate Banking as well as SBI F.A.S.T, whichever one applies to you. You will then proceed to the log in page by scrolling down the page your are directed to until you find the link “Continue to Log In” which you will then click and it will take you to a page where you will enter; the authentication details for net banking, your ID as well as your password and lastly you will want to enter in the amount you wish your SBI Credit Card Payment to be.




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