Lowes Credit Card Payment Methods

October 13, 2011

Lowes Credit Card Payment Methods

Lowes is a really cool store that has been offering home improvement items for “do it your selfers” for over 60 years, as they were first etablished back in 1946. They have evolved from a small store to now serving over 14 million happy customers every year, of which many of these millions of customers happily shop with a Lowes credit card.  Lowes makes it very easy for you to pay you credit card bills by offering various different methods of payment options, making it easy for all of their consumers to find a Lowes credit card payment method that they are confortable with. If you are looking for these methods, or want to see what they have to offer, below are the Lowes credit card payment methods that are currently being offered that can be paid by either VISA, Mastercard, Discover and Amercian Express.

Lowes Credit Card Payment

Lowes Credit Card Payment Options

For all of Lowes credit card payment methods, there are a few rules that apply which are;  non-US credit cards are not allowed to ensure that accounts will be free of fraud, and the card must be under a consumer with an address in the USA. Also, if you need a receipt you can call the Lowes Customer Care number at 1 800 445 6937.

Lowest Credit Card Payment Online

  •  In order to pay online, you must first register on their site Lowes Credit Card Payment.You can register by first going to the drop down link on the top right called “credit center” which will be a drop down menu where you will click the first option “pay my bill”, which will then take you to another page stating “new users” and “returning users” and for the new users section, there will be a “create an account” box which you will click on and follow the instructions that are demanded.
  • If you already have an account, the you will want to follow the above steps, but you will click on “returning users” on the left hand side of the page.

Lowes Credit Card Payment By Phone

  • You can call 1 800  445 6937 to get in touch with Lowe’s Customer Care, either an automated system or a person, which it is suggested that you can between 7 AM to 11Pm Monday – Saturday and 10AM to 7PM on Sundays to speak to a live person. Note, either option may result in your paying a small transaction fee.

Lowes Credit Card Payment By Mail

  • If you choose to follow the more traditional way of paying your credit card bills, you can easily mail in your Lowes credit card payment. You can utilize this method by searching on your Lowes credit card statement and finding the mailing address instructions. They will provide the exact address in which you will need to send the payment to. This method of pay takes the longest for you monthly ammount to be registered as paid, and should be mailed in at lease a week to two weeks before the payment is due to avoid late fees.




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